We create bespoke live and digital active experiences to
amplify your brand. amplify your brand.

We are a full service, purpose-led brand experience agency for an active world.

Deeply connect people to your organisation, to each other, and to the planet - through the power of shared activity.

Leave an impact.

Bloomberg Square Mile is a purpose-driven series of in-person and virtual engagement that strengthens relationships, deepens influence and creates a more personal connection to our company's purpose and values.

Alix Mills, Global Head of Events

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The ultimate

It's time to think differently about the way your organisation connects with the people that matter.

From concept to delivery, we create the ultimate experience for your brand - a blended live and digital active experience to communicate your purpose in a meaningful way.



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  • Exaggerate your brand presence.
  • Engage and cement your target audience.
  • Deeply connect clients to your purpose.

Don't just communicate your values.

Let your clients live them.

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A transformative global activation.

A 15-year track record creating live and digital experiences in 13 countries across the globe, for one of the world's largest corporate brands.

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